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Savings BV dissolve

A Savings BV offers all kinds of benefits. But if you do not use the BV then you are likely to spend money and time on it. You can dissolve a BV. We explain why you want to dissolve a BV and how to do it!

Please note! Always make sure that the assets side of your Savings BV is empty before liquidating. If shares or other assets are still present after liquidation, reviving the BV will be costly.

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Using our digital service, you dissolve your BV for a flat fee of €289, no notary involved.

What is a Savings BV?

A Savings BV aims to manage savings and is also called Savings BV, Wealth BV, Box 3 BV or Savings BV. In this BV, you deposit part of your savings. The money then belongs to the BV, a legal entity. Therefore, you do not have to pay tax (Box 3) on these savings. Since you are a shareholder and director of the BV, you still have access to the money.

Demolish a Savings BV

The Savings BV offers advantages. But if you do nothing with this BV, it will cost you money. You have to prepare and file annual accounts. You also have the obligation to file a corporation tax return.

Turboliquidating a Savings BV – What should you take into account?

A turboliquidation means that you dissolve a BV with immediate effect. However, there are conditions attached to this. For example, this is only possible if the BV is empty; there are no assets and liabilities. Should there still be liabilities, for example an outstanding account, the turboliquidation can be undone by the creditor.


If there are still assets, for example money, in your Savings BV, you cannot liquidate the BV yet. You will first have to remove the assets from the BV before you can proceed with a turboliquidation.

If there are still assets in the Savings BV, you cannot proceed to liquidate the BV. There are a number of ways the money can be taken out of the BV. If you want to take the money out because of a proposed turboliquidation, you can repay the capital. If you want to do this, you need to go to the notary for an amendment to the BV’s articles of association. Such an amendment is easy to arrange.

Pass liabilities

If there are debts, the BV cannot be dissolved yet. Think of an unpaid tax assessment from the tax authorities. Only when the debts have been paid can you proceed to dissolve the BV.

What else should I take into account?
If you want to dissolve a BV, it is important that the BV is really empty. Therefore, check that there are no pending matters that need to be settled first.

Out-source liquidation

Liquidating a Savings BV does not have to be complicated. Opheffen-bv.nl deals with it on a daily basis and is happy to help you with it. Contact us directly.

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