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Demolish management BV?

A management BV offers all kinds of advantages, but if you no longer use the management BV then it is just a burden. A BV costs you money and time, as there are a number of obligations associated with a BV. You can dissolve the BV so that you no longer have to pay for it. We explain how to do this.

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Using our digital service, you dissolve your BV for a flat fee of €289, no notary involved.

What is a management BV

A management BV, also called a holding BV, often provides risk hedging. It is usually a BV that holds shares for a working BV. A working BV is at risk of bankruptcy and then you risk losing everything you have built up. To protect property or built-up pension from bankruptcy, you can set up a management BV. Sometimes, in practice, it turns out that you do not use the management BV. Then it might be beneficial to dissolve it.

If you are not using the management BV, you can dissolve it. Abolishing the management BV will save you money. You no longer have to file annual accounts. You can only dissolve a BV when it is empty.

Turboliquidating a management BV – What should you take into account?

If you want to wind up and dissolve a BV, turboliquidation is the easiest way. A turboliquidation can be done immediately, there is no waiting period. There is a disadvantage though: if there is a creditor, they can undo the turboliquidation. In that case, it does not matter how big the debt is. Therefore, it is important to check carefully whether the management BV is really empty.


To check whether the BV is empty, first check whether there are any assets in the BV. For example, pension funds or real estate. You cannot dissolve the management BV until there are no assets left in the management BV.


Also check whether there are any debts. This may not seem obvious, but even for a management BV, you incur expenses. You pay the accountant, for example, and you also have obligations to the tax authorities. Check whether all bills have been paid before you proceed to wind up the BV.

What else should I take into account?

If you want to dissolve the management BV, it is important to check whether any other obligations and agreements have been entered into by the BV. Make sure that all contracts have been terminated before you dissolve the BV.

Out-source liquidation

Liquidating a management BV does not have to be complicated, but there are some things involved. Opheffen-bv has specialised in winding up and dissolving BVs. We are happy to help you with it, please contact us.

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