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Disbanding a holding company?

How can you wind up a holding company? We have listed the points to consider if you want to dissolve a holding company. If you want to outsource it, please contact us via email or the contact form. You also have the option of using our online turboliquidation. Liquidating a Company has never been easier.

Please note! Always make sure the asset side of your holding company is empty before liquidating. If shares or other assets are still present after liquidation, reviving the BV will be costly.

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Using our digital service, you dissolve your BV for a flat fee of €289, no notary involved.

Dissolving a holding company

If you decide to dissolve the holding company, grab the memorandum of association. This will allow you to check who the shareholders of the holding company are. The directors of the holding company can dissolve the holding company. This can be done at a shareholders’ meeting, but it is not necessary. Once the resolution to dissolve has been made, you will need a valid passport and form 17a from the Chamber of Commerce.

Turboliquidating a holding company – What should you consider?

If you want to wind up the holding company, this can sometimes be done immediately. If there is no turnover and there are no debts, then the balance sheet is at zero. Then the holding company can be immediately dissolved and dissolved, a so-called turboliquidation.
The advantage of this is that it is quick. The disadvantage is that the turboliquidation can be reversed by any creditor. Therefore, proceed with turboliquidation only if there are no more liabilities.


Is there inventory or real estate? Then the accelerated liquidation of the holding company cannot take place yet. The assets must first be sold before the holding company can be wound up.


If there are liabilities on the balance sheet, then there are usually debts. For example, to suppliers or yourself. It is best to make sure the debts are paid or waived. If it is not clear whether there are any outstanding debts, you can dissolve the holding company by liquidation. You offer creditors the opportunity to make the debts known within a period of two months. If they do not do so, you can dissolve the holding company. You can also dissolve with debts, however, creditors can always follow the legal process to recover the debts.


If there are or were employees, it is important to terminate the employment contracts.

Are there any certificates

Have certificates been issued? If so, no general meeting can be held outside a meeting.

Pawned shares

If you have pledged shares then this is recorded in a notarial deed. If you want to wind up the holding company then it is necessary for the pledge to be terminated or lifted.


If there is usufruct on the shares then you cannot wind up the holding company. This requires the consent of the usufructuary.

What else should I take into account?

If you dissolve a holding company, check whether there are ongoing contracts such as a telephone subscription, internet connection and domain names. If you have a stamrecht BV or a pension BV, special rules apply.

Out-source liquidation

You probably do not wind up a holding company on a daily basis. To keep things orderly, you can outsource the liquidation to opheffen-bv.nl. We have years of experience in dissolving and liquidating holding companies. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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