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Dormant BV dissolve?

You have a BV that you are not doing anything with, a so-called dormant BV. The BV was set up for a certain purpose, but in practice nothing has come of it. Or the BV has been very useful for a number of years but since then little or nothing has been done with it. A dormant BV costs just as much money and you also spend time on administration. If you don’t need the dormant BV in the near future, you can dissolve it. We share how to do this.

Please note! Always make sure the asset side of your dormant BV is empty before dissolving. If shares or other assets are still present after liquidation, then reviving the BV will be a costly affair.

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Using our digital service, you dissolve your BV for a flat fee of €289, no notary involved.

What is a dormant BV

A dormant BV is a BV where nothing happens to it. A dormant BV is empty: there are no assets and no debts.

An dormant BV dissolve

Fortunately, you can dissolve a dormant BV. This saves you time and money, because you no longer have to have financial statements drawn up and filed. You can dissolve the dormant BV if the BV is empty.

Turboliquidating a dormant BV – What should you take into account?

Turboliquidation involves immediately dissolving and winding up the BV. However, this cannot be done just like that. If there are any creditors, they can reverse the turboliquidation. Before you can proceed to liquidate and dissolve a BV, you should therefore check whether the BV is empty. This means that there are no assets and liabilities.


First check whether there are assets in the BV. For example, real estate or inventory. If these are present, sell them before the BV can be dissolved.


Next, you look at whether there are any liabilities: are there any debts? Here, you do not have to think only about large debts. Every outstanding claim counts. Once these debts are paid or waived, you can proceed to wind up and dissolve the BV.


If employees are employed by the BV, the BV cannot be dissolved yet. This can only be done after a settlement has either been drawn with the employees or the employment contracts have been terminated.

Are there any certificates

Also check whether any certificates to which meeting rights are attached have been issued. If so, you cannot immediately dissolve the BV.


Have shares been pledged? If so, you cannot dissolve the BV until this pledge has been terminated or lifted.


If there is usufruct on the shares, you can only wind up the BV after the usufructuary has given his consent.

What else should I take into account?

Also check whether there are ongoing contracts for gas, water, electricity and internet. Do you have a standing right BV or a pension right BV? Special rules apply to these.

Outsource liquidation

It is not complicated to liquidate a dormant BV. Opheffen-bv.nl deals with liquidation and dissolution on a daily basis. Contact us directly!

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