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Dissolve a company

You want to dissolve a company but you don’t know how to do it. Or you don’t have the time for it and want it done. We explain what is involved in winding up a company. Want to wind up your business and have questions? Contact us for a free telephone analysis with one of our lawyers.

Did you know that 89% of our customers can dissolve their company immediately?

Using our digital service, you dissolve your BV for a flat fee of €289, no notary involved.

How does winding up a company work?

If you have a business, it comes with a number of obligations. Even if you do little or nothing with your business. One of these obligations is the annual accounts. Preparing, adopting and filing these costs money and time. If you are not doing anything else with your company, it may be wise to dissolve it. Closing down a company does not have to go through a notary or lawyer.

We explain how dissolution works! If you prefer not to do it yourself or if you have questions about dissolving a company, please send us a message.

Turboliquidating a company: what to consider

If you want to wind up and dissolve the company immediately, the best option is to turboliquidate the company. The condition for this form of liquidation is that the company is empty, meaning there are no assets or debts. Should a creditor come forward at a later date, they can reverse the turboliquidation. What factors you pay attention to when you want to proceed with turboliquidation of your company, we explain below.


If you want to wind up your company, you should check whether there are any assets left. Assets include debtors, VAT yet to be received from the tax authorities and bank account balances. You can only wind up the business if there are no assets left.


Besides assets, you also look at whether there are any liabilities left. Liabilities are the debts your business has, for example in the form of a loan or a tax liability. You cannot wind up your business until the debts are paid or discharged.


You can wind up a company through turboliquidation only if there are no more employees. Do you still have employees? If so, first make arrangements with them to terminate their employment.

Are there any certificates

If you have issued certificates to which a meeting right is attached, you cannot immediately wind up your company.


Before you can wind up your company, you must cancel or terminate the established pledges on shares


If there is usufruct on the shares, then the usufructuary will need to give permission for the winding up of the company.

What else should I consider?

Before winding up a company, there are other things you need to look at. These include ongoing contracts such as the lease, gas, water and electricity and the internet. If you have a pension right BV or standing right BV, there are special rules for winding up.

Outsource liquidation

At Opheffen-BV, you have come to the right place if you want to wind up your company. We will guide you until your company is liquidated. We take the work off your hands and all you have to do is sign. We can start the dissolution process within a day! Please contact us directly.

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