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Dissolve your limited company? Arrange it inexpensively via opheffen-bv.nl!

Do you want to terminate your BV and dissolve your BV and are you looking for an inexpensive and efficient way to accomplish this? Then you have come to the right place! We are specialists in professionally liquidating, winding up or dissolving your empty Limited Company. In short, you say: “I want to quit my private limited company” and you need inexpensive legal help. Then contact opheffen-bv.nl directly.

Did you know that 89% of our customers can dissolve their company immediately?

Using our digital service, you dissolve your BV for a flat fee of €289, no notary involved.

Quitting your BV, why you should do it.

Quitting your limited company is worth considering. A private limited company costs you a lot of money every year. Keeping a private limited company has become less attractive in recent years due to changes in laws and regulations.

In short, the private limited company of yesteryear no longer fits your current situation. Rules on taxes and the responsibilities that one BV carries with it make you doubt the usefulness and necessity of owning one or more shell companies.

Save time and money now!

A private limited company, whether active or inactive, costs you money every year. Bills that land on your doormat every year are those of the tax consultant, your accountant, the tax authorities and other government agencies. But less visible costs are also involved. You have to file quarterly tax returns, keep records, file annual documents with the Chamber of Commerce and so on. Quitting your BV has the advantage that you no longer have to do all this.

It could be better

Quitting your BV has several implications and is often an expensive affair because you feel you have to involve several parties. Your administrator, accountant, tax advisor and your notary all come around the corner. Quitting your BV in this way is an expensive affair. This can be done differently, better and cheaper via opheffen-bv.nl. We offer you a standard service in the form of a turboliquidation with which you can terminate your BV easily and inexpensively.

Stop BV? The advantages!

We always apply a fixed low price for both a turboliquidation and a regular dissolution. No additional costs, extra hours, snags or intervention of expensive lawyers. By using the latest standards in technology and legal matters, you can effortlessly initiate the process for terminating your private limited company. We will guide you from the first step to the last. With us, liquidating or dissolving a private limited company is always quick and at a fixed low price. Do you want to dissolve your private limited company and are interested in our service? Then contact us directly using the contact form below.

The benefits of Opheffen-bv.nl

  • All-in Prices
    An online turboliquidation from €289
  • Launch within 24 hours
    Opheffen BV.nl can start the dissolution process within a day
  • Specialist in dissolving BVs
    More than 10 years of experience in legal services

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