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T. Kist

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Dissolution or liquidation of a Dutch private limited liability company or ´BV´

Liquidating or dissolving your BV (i.e. Besloten Vennootschap is the Dutch version of a private Limited company) requires a well-informed decision just like starting a BV. There are a lot of reasons for making the decision to voluntary liquidate or dissolve your BV. Dissolving a BV is the final phase of your BV’s life cycle and therefore requires a thorough and correct planning. When setting up a BV, a notary or lawyer usually assists with the incorporation. A frequently asked and logical question is: “Can I terminate a BV without the intermediary of a notary or lawyer?”. Hiring these professionals is a costly affair, liquidating a BV can be achieved without a notary or a lawyer. Opheffen-bv.nl is the solution for entrepreneurs among us who want to quickly and easily dissolve their Dutch private limited company. We stand for transparency and simplicity.

Costs of dissolving a BV

We apply a fixed fee for dissolving or liquidating one or more of your BV’s. The price for the accelerated (turbo) liquidation of a private company is € 249 excluding VAT. For multiple BVs we a tiered pricing schedule. These prices apply to a so-called “turbo liquidation”, meaning an accelerated liquidation procedure. On occasion additional steps are required which are to be implemented prior to liquidating your BV. For example, in case the BV has debt or when it has assets on the balance sheet. The assets and liabilities in your BV will need to be settled first, prior to starting an accelerated or turbo liquidation procedure, we can assist you herewith. We offer a 100% guarantee for the voluntary dissolution of your private company and we therefore offer a money back guarantee.

What is a turbo-liquidation?

Turbo-liquidation is an accelerated way of dissolving a legal entity. The legal entity may be a private company, foundation, cooperative or association. A turbo liquidation can only be applied if there are no debts nor assets on the balance sheet of the legal entity. In the event of a turbo-liquidation, the General Meeting of Shareholders resolves to cease the activities and liquidate the B.V.. In other words, to discontinue and dissolve the company as such. This decision means that the private company will cease to exist on the stated date.

What steps should I take to liquidate a BV?

As a full-time or part-time entrepreneur, you have barely time to spare. We guide you from the beginning to the end in liquidating your private limited company. The final steps liquidating or dissolving your BV are clearly outlined in our roadmap. We provide you with all necessary legal documents to liquidate and dissolve your BV. All we need from you is a signature, and that the documents are be sent to the local Chamber of Commerce. Applying our method will save you, as a director or sole shareholder of a BV, considerable amount of costs and time.

Liquidation of a BV and the Tax authorities

Another question that frequently arises is: “what happens when your BV is liquidated concerning the tax authorities?”. First of all, you do not need to inform the tax authorities yourself about the dissolution of your BV. Once the liquidation has been registered with the Dutch trade register of the Chamber of Commerce, the tax authorities will automatically receive a notification hereof. The tax authorities will then take action by informing you that you need to submit your final tax return. The tax authorities will subsequently provide a preliminary or final tax assessment. This is the last and final tax return. If you require help with that we can provide this service as well.

Liquidating your BV – our concern

If you wish to dissolve your BV however you do not know how or simply do not have the time to look for anything, then opheffen-bv.nl can assist you. We have years of experience with the dissolution of BV’s and have already serviced more than 300 customers. Do you want to dissolve your BV and are you interested in our services? Contact us via the contact form.

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